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Guild seeks sponsors for its 2020 book fair in Sudbury

The following sponsorship letter will soon be sent out to businesses throughout Sudbury and Northern Ontario seeking financial support for the 4th Annual Northern Ontario Book Fair. Please share this post with your friends and family who own businesses who you think would like to support this fantastic Northern Ontario literary event. Also, keep an … Continue reading Guild seeks sponsors for its 2020 book fair in Sudbury

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Guild Gatherings

WHAT: Guild Gatherings are regular meetings between writers in communities across Northern Ontario. At Guild Gatherings, writers have a chance to talk about writing in general and/or discuss the projects they’re working on, ask questions, and seek advice. They also get to know other writers, are encouraged to set goals (and achieve them), and help keep their fellow writers accountable. We also usually have a writing challenge to break writers out of their comfort zones.

WHO: Writers of all levels of experience attend our events, and get something out of it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a published writer or if you’ve never written a thing yet, you are welcome to attend.

WHY: Attendees of Guild Gatherings in the communities where we already have them have said they write more now that they have a support and accountability system in place.

WHERE: We have chapters (or are developing chapters) in communities across Northern Ontario. Please click the “chapters” heading in the main menu to find out more about your local chapter, or click here to find out how to start a chapter in your community.

WHEN: Depending on the community, Guild Gatherings usually take place weekly or monthly, but no one is expected to attend every meeting. Attend when you can!

HOW MUCH: Attendance is FREE! You are able to make a donation if you’d like (people usually give $5), but it’s not required. Your donations get put into a pool for your local chapter to use for special events in your community.

CONTACT: If you have any questions, email or call Jessica at 705-262-3268

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