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December 11, 2018

Scrabble Prompt 21.02.2018

Three anglers in plaid jackets and trucker caps walked into a bar after a great day of fishing.  They looked around the bar, wondering where to sit.


“I want to play a game of pool,” said Henry.


“That’s for sissies,” said Harold, “I want to play on the slots over there.”


“I want a beer, chimed Amber as she placed her hands on her hips,  “I caught the most fish today, so you boys owe me one pint each!”


They sat at a table next to a poster with a purple hen on it.  Henry looked at the hen intensively as Harold and Amber argued over who caught the biggest fish.


The trio downed their pints.  They were served cheese nips as a snack since the bar owner ran out of peanuts.


“That’s horseradish,”  Harold whined, “I want flipping peanuts with my beer!


“Stop being a cad or they’ll kick us out!” Amber slapped the back of his head, attempting to knock some sense into him.


“We should have left him in the boat,” grumbled Henry,  “He hasn’t stopped complaining all day!”


“I should have thrown him overboard and tied him to a cinder block.”


They left the bar several hours later in quite the pickled state.  They stumbled into the truck. Amber drove down the dirt road in search for their camp area.


“We should shoot some cans out in the bush.”


“Shut up, Harold.  We can’t do that. We didn’t bring our 22s”


“But Henry, I’m a grown man, I can do what I want.”


“Boys, if you keep it up, I’ll tie you up to a tree and let the bears eat you.”


At last, there was silence for the rest of the ride to the campsite.


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