Guild Chapters

The Silverleaf Writers Guild is a young non-profit organization, established in 2015, that is is growing and expanding throughout Northern Ontario. We are looking for Champions to help us open chapters in communities across Northern Ontario where we don’t already have a chapter. Where other writers groups already exist in those communities, we are happy to partner with those writing groups.

Our champions become the local contact for writers. They help with:

  • organize local guild gatherings
  • collect donations on behalf of the guild
  • liaison with the board to ensure we’re meeting local needs

Here is a list of communities where we either have a champion or are seeking a champion, including the phone number to contact them. You can always email instead if you prefer. Our vision is to one day see a thriving writers group in every Northern Ontario community. Help us support writers across the region by becoming a champion in your community!

CommunityChampion NamePhone Number
AtikokanChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Black River-MathesonChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Blind RiverChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
ChapleauChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
CobaltChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
CochraneChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
DrydenChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
DubreuilvilleChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Ear FallsChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
EarltonChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Elliot LakeChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
EnglehartChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
EspanolaChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Fauquier-StricklandChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Fort FrancesChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
French RiverChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Greater SudburyChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
GreenstoneChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
HearstChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
HornepayneChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
IgnaceChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Iroquois FallsChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
KapuskasingChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
KenoraChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Kirkland LakeChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Larder LakeChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Manitoulin IslandChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
ManitouwadgeChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
MarathonChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Markstay-WarrenChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
MattawaChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Mattice-ValChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
MoonbeamChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
MoosoneeChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
NipigonChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
North BayChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Northeastern Manitoulin and the IslandsChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Oliver PaipoongeChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
OpasatikaChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Parry SoundChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Pickle LakeChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Rainy RiverChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Red LakeChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Robinson-HuronChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Robinson-SuperiorChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Sables-Spanish RiversChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Sault Ste. MarieGregory Saxby705-649-3123
SchreiberChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Sioux LookoutChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Smooth Rock FallsChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
St CharlesChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
TemagamiChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Temiskaming ShoresChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
Thunder BayChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
TimminsJessica Trudel705-262-3268
Val Rita-HartyChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
WawaChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
West NipissingChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx
White RiverChampion neededxxx-xxx-xxxx

If you don’t see your community on this list, but you are located in Northern Ontario, it’s possible your community is considered part of a larger community already on the list. That doesn’t mean you can’t champion a group in your local community! We can always add communities to this list.

If you would like to become a guild champion, or learn more about becoming one, please fill out the form below: