NaPoWriMo 2018 is almost upon us!

National Poetry Writing Month is only days away and the Silverleaf Writers Guild has been busy getting ready to provide you with 30 days of useful writing prompts.

Each day in April, a new prompt will post on our website and our Facebook page. If you’re struggling to find ideas for your daily writing session, come and see what our daily prompt is, or choose one from an earlier post. It’s your project, after all!

Even if you’re not a poet, NaPoWriMo is a fantastic way to improve your writing skills and help you set daily writing habits, which can boost your self-confidence as a writer.

Who knows? You may even send your work to print and earn the noteworthy acclaim of being a published author.

Did you know Silverleaf Writers Guild members can have their own page on our website? If you don’t already have your own site or blog, it’s a great place to post your work to show off your talent.

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We hope you’ll decide to take on this challenge, knowing all the benefits it can provide for writers of all genres and skill levels. Even if you don’t get 30 poems written, chances are good you’ll end up with several glowing new works under your belt, and that’s just awesome!

At the end of it all, we urge you to take the time to revise and polish your work until you’re left with a spectacular collection of poetry.
Shhh … Don’t carve it in stone, but there have been talks of a Silverleaf Writers Guild poetry anthology as a future possibility and you could become a featured author!

Best of luck with all your efforts – we’re rooting for you!

Colleen Ludgate
Marketing Director