Payment issues with guild website fixed

The Silverleaf Writers Guild has been having issues with its payment system for several weeks. This has caused many people who have tried to purchase memberships, author profiles, and Northern Ontario Book Fair registrations to experience issues. We have now corrected the issues with our Paypal gateway and are happy to announce that all payments should be able to proceed without issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will be reaching out to those who have these technical issues directly to personally inform them that the issue has been corrected. The Board of Directors would like to express its deepest thanks for your patience. Please visit our online store to purchase memberships and registrations freely. Please inform us if you encounter any issues by emailing or call our Treasurer, Jessica Trudel, at 705-262-3268.

NOTE: It’s come our attention that some writers who had previously made purchases on the Silverleaf Writers Guild website have received emails thanking them “for their purchase.” We want to assure anyone that has received this email that no new purchases were submitted; the email seems to have been sent out as a result of our correcting past issues. Please check your Paypal account and let us know if you see any new purchases that you did not authorize.