N/O Summer Writing Contest Rules & Regulations

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve extended the deadline to September 17, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST

Click here to download a pdf of these rules and regulations.

The theme for the N/O Summer Writing Contest is Northern Ontario perspectives. Every entry should in some way reflect Northern Ontario perspectives. That means that your piece does not have to be set in Northern Ontario or be about Northern Ontario, it simply should be viewed through a Northern Ontario lens. For example, you may write a fantasy story set in a place similar to Northern Ontario or that allegorically represents Northern Ontarians and their perspectives. The theme is not meant to limit your creativity, but is simply designed to keep the focus on our unique experiences as Northern Ontarians.

All works must fall within one of the following categories and be within the specified word count:
– Fiction (5,000 words maximum)
– Creative Non-Fiction (5,000 words maximum)
– Poetry (max 100 lines per poem, max 3 poems per submission)

Participants may submit one entry per category for a maximum of three submissions per participant.

Word count includes titles. Submissions over the specified word count will be disqualified. Please note that for this contest, spaces delimit words. Therefore, any term containing a hyphen (e.g. “twenty-five”) or an apostrophe (“can’t”, “don’t”) counts as a single word, and all articles (e.g. “the”, “a”, etc.) count as words. Groups of characters (e.g. “xxx”) or symbols (e.g. “***”) also count as words.

All current residents of Northern Ontario aged 18 years and older are eligible to enter. Previously published authors may submit, but the submissions must be previously unpublished.

All submitted works must be original and unpublished. Please do not submit entries that have been submitted for publication or accepted for publication elsewhere. Entries must not be submitted to any other contest. Entries that have appeared on the internet (e.g., e-zines, blogs, or social media sites) are considered published and are ineligible.

Entries must be written in English.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Silverleaf Writers Guild are ineligible to participate in the contest, as well as the contest judges and immediate family members of the directors and contest judges.

All entrants must sign a Declaration of Eligibility form confirming their eligibility to participate in the contest and releasing the Silverleaf Writers Guild from any liability for damage or loss whatsoever, whether arising from the participants’ involvement in this competition or from the awarding, acceptance or use of the prizes to the winners.

Submissions will only be accepted online via email. Please send your email to silverleafwriters@gmail.com, with the subject line stating the contest name, your name, the category and the title of the work (e.g. N/O Summer Writing Contest – John Smith – Non-fiction – Summer in Northern Ontario). For poetry entries, use the first poem title. Attach your submission to the email, ensuring the title of the document matches the subject line of the email. Please submit entries for each category in a separate email.

All submitted documents must:
– Be in .doc, .rtf or .docx format.
– Be double-spaced and paginated, except for poetry. If a single poem is more than one page, please paginate that poem.
– Include a cover page with title, author name, author address, author phone# and email address, word or line count of document (excluding title page information except for the title itself).
– Include a header with the title of the work only (no identifying information should be visible anywhere other than the title page
– Be accompanied by a completed Membership Application to the guild (click here to download the fillable pdf)
– Be accompanied by a completed Declaration of Eligibility (click here to download the fillable pdf)

All submissions are final. There are no changes or substitutions allowed once the entry has been emailed. A confirmation of receipt will be emailed within one week of your submission. If you have not heard from us by that time, please send a follow up email with the same subject line as the submission and “I did not receive a confirmation email” in the body.

An entry will be disqualified (no matter at what the stage in the contest process it is at), if it is discovered that an entry has violated the contest rule on simultaneous submissions, prior publication or original authorship.

Entry Fee: 30$ for the first entry, 10$ for each additional entry. You do not need to add tax to the entry fee.

Every entrant will receive one six-month membership to the Silverleaf Writers Guild that will commence on October 1, 2017 and end March 31, 2018. Click here for a list of benefits of membership.

Payment methods:
– Cash: Must be presented in person to a member of the Silverleaf Writers Guild Board of Directors. Click here to see who is on the board. The guild meets on Wednesdays at the Timmins Public Library from 6:00pm-8:00pm to facilitate the cash exchange.
– E-transfer: Must be emailed to silverleafwriters@gmail.com within 24 hours of your submission. No entry for the contest will be processed until payment has been received.
– Credit card: Download and fill out the Contest Credit Card Form and enclose it with the entries.

All submissions are final. It is the responsibility of the author to verify that they have followed all the rules of submission. The entry fee will not be refunded if your submission is deemed ineligible. Your membership to the guild, however, will still be valid even if your entry is deemed ineligible for the contest. Entry fees are non-transferable.

Submissions will not be accepted until August 1, 2017. This is meant to encourage writers to take their time in crafting a fantastic submission. Final deadline for submission is September 3, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Please note that The Silverleaf Writers Guild is permitted to modify these deadlines at any time. Participants should regularly visit the Silverleaf Writers Guild’s website, www.silverleafwriters.com, for updates regarding the contest.

Winners will be announced approximately one month after the contest deadline.

Works are judged anonymously on the basis of the author’s use of language, originality of subject and writing style. While the Silverleaf Writers Guild will be providing judges with guidelines for judging the entries, ultimately the judges will be exercising their own judgement in determining the winners. The Silverleaf Writers Guild takes no responsibility for the final judging.

If a large number of submissions are received, the Silverleaf Writers Guild reserves the right to gather a group of readers together to create a shortlist of entries that will then be seen by the judges. These readers will follow the same guidelines as the judges.

Every effort will be made to recruit a diverse balance of readers and judges to ensure a variety of perspectives are acknowledged in the judging process.

Jurors and readers in each category will be chosen by The Silverleaf Writers Guild Board of Directors, or any subcommittee thereof. All decisions by the readers and the jury are final. The names of readers and judges will be kept confidential until the end of the contest to ensure the judging process remains blind.

The contest winner and four finalists (in each category) will be contacted directly, either by email or telephone, approximately one month after the contest deadline has passed. Only winners and finalists will be eligible for the prizes as outlined below. All other entries, however, will be read by a professional editor and will be given developmental feedback after the contest has closed and the winners have been announced. This feedback will be literary in nature and not reflect the entry’s eligibility/ineligibility or its relevance to this particular contest.

The Silverleaf Writers Guild reserved the right to publish the names of the winners and finalists and to publish their contest entries on The Silverleaf Writers Guild website. The Silverleaf Writers Guild also reserves the right to publish these entries in participating newspapers, if applicable. Links to the entries will also be posted on social media.

The winner will receive:
– Their work published on the Silverleaf Writers Guild website
– An interview to be published on The Silverleaf Writers Guild website
– A cash prize proportionate with the number of entries received
– Additional prizes to be announced

Four finalists will receive:
– Their work published on the Silverleaf Writers Guild website
– Additional prizes to be announced

Participants may win only one prize per category. Prizes shall be accepted as is, and may not be exchanged or transferred. No substitutions will be allowed. If a prize cannot be awarded as described in these rules, The Silverleaf Writers Guild reserve the right to substitute one or more prizes or prize components with another of approximately equivalent value. To be proclaimed winners, participants must meet all the conditions set out in these rules. A winner’s refusal to accept a prize shall release The Silverleaf Writers Guild, from all obligations towards the winner.

If it is discovered after the awarding of prizes that a winner or finalist was not eligible to submit to the contest, the winner will be asked to return any prizes in full or risk legal action.

Candidates warrant they have created the work they are submitting and that they own all rights to it. Candidates will indemnify and hold The Silverleaf Writers Guild and its Board of Directors harmless from any liability resulting from their participation in this contest, including all loss, damage, costs and other expense arising out of claims, whatever their nature, resulting directly or indirectly from breach of this warranty.

Participants maintain ownership of their works, although rights to reproduce and distribute winning and finalist entries to the public are limited by the licences granted according to these rules.

For further information or clarification please contact us at silverleafwriters@gmail.com.